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NB: The items below link to outside websites, which may change from time to time.  Please advise any broken links to the Webmaster.

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The Upper Room

The Upper Room in the USA is the parent body for Walk to Emmaus movements in Australia and around the world.  For further information about Emmaus, see their website by clicking on the Upper Room heading above.


Praying around the world ...

Around the world there are many 3-day weekends - Emmaus, Kairos, Kairos Outside, Alarga, Chrysalis, Cursillo, and more -  scheduled every month of the year!  Just as you were prayed for on your Walk, these Communities value your prayers for theirs.  The 3dayol website lists just some of these.  Click on the "Weekend Dates" header of the third column to sort them into date order and see what's coming up.  To find a particular Community, of course, click on the "Community Name" header of the first column.  Then in either case just click on the dates of the weekend you are interested in to be taken to the Prayer Vigil for that weekend.

[Community Prayer Vigil Coordinators: To add your Walk dates to the list go to and click the link "Prayer Vigil" at the bottom of the menu box on the left.  It often takes several days then before your vigil appears on the website.  Note that the 3dayol site is not an official website of Emmaus or The Upper Room.]


Emmaus in New Zealand

For all you Kiwis, or Aussies travelling over to the Land of the Long White Cloud, there's an active Emmaus Community based in Auckland.  Read all about it here.



Kairos Prison Ministry Australia (KPMA) is an interdenominational Christian ministry derived from but independant of the Walk to Emmaus program.  It reaches out to incarcerated individuals, their families and those who work with them to bring sustainable meaning and hope in the place of loneliness, isolation and despair.

Kairos Inside operates in men's and women's correctional centres around Australia. 
Kairos Outside reaches out to women who are impacted by having someone who is, or who has been, imprisoned.

Kairos is a sister organisation to Emmaus.  Many members of the Emmaus Australia Community are members of KPMA, but there is no official connection between the two other than shared history and goals.

Click here to be transferred to the official KPMA website.

Anglican Cursillo

Although Emmaus is open to Christians of all denominations, there is a related movement within the Anglican Church known as Cursillo - Spanish for "Short course", referring to the three-day weeekend which constitutes "a short course in Christianity".

Catholic Cursillo

Catholic Cursillo is a similar movement to Anglican Cursillo, established within the Catholic church.


Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI) Australia

(CCLI) was established to provide churches, organisations and individuals with simple, affordable solutions to complex copyright issues.

Vine Media

Emmaus Australia is grateful to Vine Media, who have provided the development and hosting of this website.  They are a Sydney-based Christian company whose aim is to enable the church to effectively communicate through the web.

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